Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Concrete walls to download

     I'm sorry that this isn't something you cannot download but I'm a self-confessed technophobe.  I read the guide on how to upload PDF's and actually understood the title, unfortunately the rest of it might as well have been in Martian for all the sense it made to me.  However, hopefully you can download the picture, then simply print it off on A4. 
     The walls are the right size for a single storey building with 25-30mm figures.  I was thinking they would be OK for a bunker or something and if you have the Paint programme, you can easily add doors, etc to your heart's content.  I'm going to have a go at some other stuff, so if they work, I'll share them too.

     Don't forget, I have some sets of rules for sale at  and each set only costs £1.

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