Friday, 3 June 2016

Snap Shot, a skills update for the Fallen Angels scifi rules

As the title says, this is an update to the skills information for my Fallen Angels skirmish rules.

Snap Shot – 5 points

A figure with this skill can use it in two ways:

1 – If an enemy moves from cover to cover, or into cover from the open, the shooter may fire at them with a -1 SS penalty even if the target is in cover at the end of their turn. The usual penalty for firing at a moving target does not apply.

EG an enemy fires their weapon while in the open, then moves into cover. The shooter may fire at them as if they are in the open. This costs 1 AP.

2 – If the shooter is in cover, they may use snap shot to raise their head above the cover, (if this is possible and gives them line of sight to their target) fire their weapon at -1 SS, then duck back into cover. This costs 2 AP's.
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