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War Plan Red - A Fallen Angels Campaign

We regret to inform our readers that at 06.00 today, 14th February, 1937, the United States of America invaded Canada.

Without issuing a declaration of war, American troops crossed onto Canadian soil in four major locations. Supported by naval and air forces, the troops are advancing on Montreal, Winnipeg and Ontario. Despite the valiant efforts of its defenders, the city of Halifax has already fallen.

American Troops In Halifax

Not only is this cowardly, unprovoked action, an attack on the good people of Canada; it is an assault on every member of our great empire and our government promises that our retribution shall be swift and merciless!

US objectives in its war against the Great British Empire

War Plan Red, An Act Of Heinous Betrayal

In 1927, the United States of America, supposedly an ally of England, drew up plans for a joint military offensive against the Great British Empire. The aim was to smash the empire, with the end result being to conquer England, or leave her isolated and too weak to pose a threat to American expansion.

The origins of WPR can be traced back to the fact that the Americans still (even to this present time) resent the fact that they were once a colony of England. Of course, much of this bitterness is due to the fact that the War Of Independence was the biggest mistake America ever made. This deep seated rancour was behind America's reluctance to ally itself with England in her struggle for world freedom during the Great War.

American Propaganda
We have been provided with a captured copy of War Plan Red, which details the depth of American treachery. The plan was approved in May 1930 by the US Secretary of War and the Secretary of Navy and has been regularly updated, with the full knowledge of the American government, since that time.
The first part of War Plan Red lists Canada's geography, military resources and infrastructure, then goes on to evaluate a series of possible American offensives to simultaneously invade Canada in several key areas, so as to occupy ports and railways, before England would be able send reinforcements to her Canadian friends.
In preparation for this act of treachery, Congress gave the US War Department $57 million to build three air bases, for the sole purposes of pre-emptive, surprise attacks on Canada. These military airfields were disguised as civilian airports in an effort to hide the Yankee's cowardly intentions.

16th February, 1937

Thanks to the quick thinking of Canadian lieutenant colonel James 'Buster' Brown, American land forces have been stalled and are, at this very moment, beginning to retreat. With the exception of the attack on Halifax, all of the American columns have fallen short of their objectives.
We are also jubilant to report that British S-class submarines engaged the Yankee Atlantic fleet in the early hours of this morning, as they attempted to navigate their way into the Great Lakes. The Americans suffered heavy losses, including their flagship, USS Utah, that was sunk by HMS Salmon. We strongly urge the Navy Chiefs to have Salmon's captain, Lieutenant Commander Bickford and his crew, mentioned in dispatches for their heroism.
The American fleet is still being harassed by British forces as it retreats back to US territorial waters.

These excerpts from The Free World Press are reproduced with the kind permission of its owner, Sir G. Ossip.
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