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War Plan Red part 2 - Operation Killjoy

Operation Killjoy


King Edward VIII is probably the most misunderstood person in this whole sordid affair. MI6 had cracked American military codes in the early 1920's, so were fully aware of their intentions toward England and her allies. MI6 also knew all about Mrs Simpson being one of CIC's top operatives and had asked his majesty to encourage a relationship with her in order to feed her bosses false information.

Everything, including his abdication in 1936, was staged for the sole purpose of misleading England's enemies, a policy that worked far more successfully than MI6 could have dared to wish.

Although Wallis was assigned by CIC to engineer a relationship with King Edward, they did not foresee that she would actually fall in love with him. She willingly agreed to work for MI6 when they approached her and has been helping the English cause by feeding false information to her bosses.

With the abdication of King Edward VIII in December 1936, his younger brother Albert took over the throne as King George VI. As American military plans to overthrow the British empire fell apart in Canada, the Counter Intelligence Corps put Operation Killjoy into effect. This involved a team of special operatives kidnapping, or if this failed, assassinating King George, in a final effort to throw England into a state of confusion that CIC could then exploit.

Even before the invasion of Canada began, CIC's team were in place in the US embassy, using standard cover stories that they were embassy staff. Virtually as soon as their tenure began in the 19th century, the Americans started constructing a labyrinth of secret tunnels that allowed them to access the London drainage system in order to carry out acts of espionage. 
The success of Killjoy hinges upon US agents being able to access Buckingham Palace through the underground tunnels, whereby they will attempt to kidnap King George. Should their efforts fail, they are to assassinate the king at all costs. The destruction of Buckingham Palace is considered an extra bonus, as long as it does not jeopardise taking the king.

The George's are tasked with foiling this contemptible plan.

All of the underground areas in these scenarios are illuminated with electric lights.

The Tunnels
The first action takes place in the underground tunnels beneath the streets of London. Use the tunnel rules from Fallen Angels to determine what the tunnels are like. The George's can deploy anywhere they like on their side of the table, the Americans start at their table edge.

The George's may have the first turn if they wish and can wait in ambush for the Americans.

Ambush – For the purposes of this scenario, those figures in ambush can hide behind any available cover. They may attack the enemy whenever they wish, even during the enemy player's turn.

The Americans must reach The George's table edge to win. The George's must drive the Americans back to their start positions.

The Pumping Station
The fighting has moved to a large underground pumping station. This is still in use and should have a large pump in the middle of a room with lots of consoles, an office and a small kitchen. There is a raised walkway that runs above the pump, with a ladder leading up to it. There is also a ladder that leads to a higher level, possibly the outside, although this is unclear to the combatants unless they climb it. There is a tunnel entering the room from either side

Each force can start anywhere on their side of the table, including the raised walkway. Whoever won the last scenario can choose to go first, or second.

The Americans must reach The George's start position with at least half their force and destroy the pump in the process. The George's have to stop them performing both actions.

The Air Raid Shelter

This shelter was built to keep the royal family safe during World War 1. There is a staircase leading up to the ground floor of the palace, on The George's side of the table. There is lots of furniture dotted around the room for cover.

The George's can deploy anywhere on their half of the table, the Americans start at their table edge where a tunnel enters the room.

At least 2 Americans must reach the stairs to win, The George's must stop them at all costs.
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