Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Amera Plastic Mouldings Scenery

I've just found these guys.

Amera Plastic Mouldings are a British company that have been in business since 2003. They produce vacuum formed scale model dioramas, wargaming terrain, scenery and kits for sale in the UK and internationally, whether you are a private buyer or a business.

Their products are brilliant and include:
Future Zone, which is aimed at science fiction wargaming and is for use with 25-28mm figures. It includes buildings, trenches, craters, roads and much more to enhance everyone's games.
Their fantasy range is again designed for use with 25-28mm figures and includes hills, rivers, ruins, castles and general scenery ideal for fantasy wargaming.
The Islands and Harbours range is suitable for general wargaming, whilst the 15mm scale products has buildings and battleground scenery that is perfect for dioramas and games.
They offer a range of accessories, plastic bases and sheets and work closely with Airfix, producing a range of 1/72 scale bases and kits that are suitable for use with Airfix figures.
All of this and their staff are friendly and really helpful. Amera is well worth a look and you can find them at www.amera.co.uk


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