Friday, 1 April 2016

Fallen Angels Science Fiction Skirmish Rules

Fallen Angels

Science Fiction Skirmish Rules

These are my science fiction skirmish rules that are an add on for my Overkill rules. 


Fallen Angels follows the same layout as the Overkill rules, but changes some of the rules and specifications to make them more suitable for skirmish battles. For example, there are new psychic powers that are much more suitable to small scale games. There are also ideas for including weather conditions, night fighting and randomly generated tunnel systems in your battles.

Not only do you get the main rules, but there are separate PDF's for naval skirmishes, vehicles in skirmish games and ideas for special operations like those undertaken by the SAS.

The tables and sets of cards from Overkill are still present, with some extras for naval battles:

Orders – Tasks set by High Command that you have to carry out. They give various points that decide who wins the battle.

Naval Orders – Perhaps you have to sink the enemy flagship to win.

Events – Random things that may, or may not, happen each turn.

Naval Events – Watch out for those rocks!

Psychic Powers – Can your psychic really do that? Ouch! That looks messy.

Weapon Effects – You fire your huge cannon, but is that shell a dud?

Vehicle Damage – You hit the target and this table tells you what happens.

Toxic Hazards – What's that weird cloud? Did his face just melt?

There is a separate PDF of ideas for figure specifications, weapons, equipment and skills. There are some thoughts for scenarios, including a kill team mission against zombies and a Penny Dreadful style campaign based on the infamous American, War Plan Red, that is set in the tunnels beneath 1930's London.
Fallen Angels is available from my shop  for £1

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