Thursday, 28 April 2016

Looking for some rules?

Are you thinking of getting a new set of rules? Here's something you might like to consider:

Store A is charging £45 for their core rules. Supplements and army books cost extra. Store B is charging £1 for their core rules sets and most of them include supplements and statistics to create, customise, arm and equip your troops and give them vehicles. Plus there are free updates, scenarios and new ideas here on this blog.

Store A gives you nice presentation, lots of pictures and detailed background information. Store B saves you £44 to spend on figures, terrain, or going to the pub.

Why not check out for your rules and still have enough left over to buy that new unit you've wanted for so long? Don't forget, if you buy all five sets of rules that are on sale at the same time, you will also get Roadkill free!

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