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I'm Mark and I'd like to thank you for your interest in my blog.  I've just set up a webshop and have some rules for sale on it.  Here is a link to my shop  My blog is not simply an advertisement for my shop though, I will be posting scenarios and other information to go with my rules here.  If you have any problem copying the information, or you have any question please email me at
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone at for all of their help and being so patient with me while I've been setting everything up, so Thank You guys I couldn't have done it without you.
 I grew up in the Dark Ages of wargaming when it was virtually impossible to get any decent rules unless you were in a club. As there wasn't one within my known world at the time, I was scuppered.

My friends and I were left to our own efforts, until a new teacher arrived at school and we were suddenly introduced to the heady concepts of naval warfare and map based campaigns. Whereas before, Risk was the best board game we knew of, now we could recreate any battle we wanted and the Eastern Front was never the same again!

Our Airfix models (you could do a lot worse than them you know. 2/6d would buy you a small army back when I was a lad. Mind, you tell that to the kids today and they just don't believe you!) were relegated to fighting platoon sized skirmishes, while our bedrooms were suddenly littered with maps and various unit counters.

The stories of Sven Hassel were brought to life in all their bloody glory, as we reenacted the drive for Moscow, followed by one desperate last stand after another, during the retreat to Berlin.

Entering the adult world, saw our group going our separate ways and brought an end to my wargaming. It wasn't until a chance job, found me fixing a faulty telephone in a Games Workshop store, that my old love was revived. And how!

Gone were the days of WW2. Now I had magic and psychic powers to explore. And once I had access to the internet, there was no stopping me. Whole new worlds appeared with all sorts of weird and wonderful races. My favourites are Orks and Drau, that's Dark Elves to you. But I do still hark back to my youth and use Humans now and again.

With all the amazing information at my finger tips and the myriads of new figures that are available, I was in my element. I still had a problem though, I am extremely lazy when it comes to learning rules. A good set of rules can make, or break a game, but I simply don't have the interest to wade through tombs the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica, every time I want to find out if I can annihilate an enemy unit or not. It takes all the fun out of wargaming for me.

I want to fight battles that are as fast-paced and bloody as possible, not spend hours with my nose in a rulebook. Added to which, I really enjoy writing my own rules and don't like the idea of initiative dictating who fights first either, it's your turn, or it's my turn. Let's face it, each race has it's own pros and cons, without hamstringing them with initiative. Orks are brutal killing machines. Drau tend to be too clever for their own good sometimes. And Humans... well, they always seem to muddle their way through in the end.

In my rules, figures have two or more Action Points, that determine what they can do. EG it takes 1 Action Point to fire a rifle. They are allowed to perform any action they like, in whatever order they like, unless specific rules state otherwise. EG they could move and fight, or fight and move.

All of my core rules follow the same basic layout in an effort to make them easy to follow. Psychic/magic; movement; close combat; ranged combat; vehicles; psychology; morale and reliability. Lists for figure specifications, equipment, etc are all dealt with on a separate PDF to help keep the rules themselves as clear and easy to find as I could make them.

So what makes my rules worth £1 of your hard earned money? Not only do you get a set of core rules, but most have separate, more detailed rules for such things as beach assaults, aerial combat and planetary invasions. (See the information for each set of rules for exactly what is included.) Plus there are cards to create a more realistic experience of the chaos of warfare. Just because you tell an Ork to do something, doesn't mean it will! And if you need an extra incentive, if you buy all five of the rule sets I have on offer, for the bargain price of only £5, I'll give you, absolutely free, a copy of my Roadkill rules. If you've ever seen the original Death Race 2000, starring David Carradine, you'll have some idea of what these rules are about.

Each of my rules sets is done as a PDF, so hopefully you should be able to open them OK. As soon as I get confirmation of your payment, I'll email all of your information to you. So please ensure that you give me your email when you place your order on my webshop. After that, all you will need is your army, a fistful of D6 dice and some artillery dice.

May the Gods of wargames smile on your armies and may the dice always roll in your favour. Unless you're fighting me!

My best wishes.


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