Friday, 1 April 2016

Bloodlust Fantasy Rules


Bloodlust is my fantasy rules set, although they can be used for other periods as well. As with Overkill, they can be used for skirmishes, but they are better suited to larger battles with dragons and the like. However, if you are an addict of fantasy skirmishes, all you have to do is purchase my Fallen Angels fantasy skirmish rules to give you everything you need as far as rules are concerned. And don't forget, both sets will only cost you £2 for the pair.

Bloodlust deals with magic; movement, terrain; close combat; ranged combat; psychology; morale and basic rules for buildings. I've tried to keep everything as focussed on the main mechanics of the different sections as possible, as I hate having to go through page after page, trying to find the information I want. But, there are separate PDF's included that cover specific areas of warfare and are additions to the main rules:

Backs To The Walls covers my ideas for siege warfare. There's nothing like sacking a castle or two to build up an appetite!

Through Waves Of Blood are my ideas for beach assaults.

Besides the rules, there are tables and sets of cards to create a more realistic sense of the chaos of war:

Orders – Tasks set by the queen, or king that you have to carry out. They give various points that decide who wins the battle.

Events – Random things that may, or may not, happen each turn.

Weapon Effects – You fire your huge cannon, but is that powder really dry?

Toxic Hazards – What's that weird cloud? Did his face just melt?

There is a separate PDF of ideas for figure specifications, weapons, equipment and skills. Plus you get magic cards, ideas for magic items and some blast and flame templates. Can't have your dragons without flames can we?
Bloodlust is available from my shop  for £1

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