Saturday, 16 April 2016

Da Fokkaz, aeroplanes for Orks

Fokka – 150 points + pilot, weapons and equipment

Movement – 24”         Armour – 6

Can fly – ignores all terrain.

Linked heavy machine guns (HMG') – 30 points
range 36”, Strength - 5 may fire 3 times. may re roll misses uses SS to hit

The MG's may use the following ammo – 5 points extra
armour piercing - -1 to personal armour saves, eg a flak vest

May carry a single 250LB Bomb – 10 points
The bomb is 1 use only.     It is high explosive (HE) with a Strength – 8    Uses the medium template and the weapon effect cards that are included with the Overkill rules. Those ½ covered by the template are hit on 4+

Strafing – gives a +1 SS bonus when attacking ground targets

Pilot – 10 points per figure + weapons and equipment


May swap a single stat from 1 column to another. EG you could make the SS 5 and the R 8

May have a  pistol – 1 point
range 9”, Strength 3

May have a parachute for an extra 10 points – The aircraft must be flying at low altitude, or higher for a parachute to work. The pilot must pass a Reliability test to eject from the 'plane, their parachute then works on a 4+. If it fails to open, they plummet to the ground and become a red, or in this case green, splat.

The Fokka was brought to life by the famous Fok and was the first warplane ever used in action by the Orks. It is a typical example of Ork technology, being designed with a pinch of brilliance, a smattering of luck and a huge amount of insanity. For an Ork machine, the Fokka is amazingly reliable, but early models had a... slight defect. Everything was fine until the pilot fired his MG's, at which point he shot off his own propeller and plummeted to the ground with a rather surprised look on his face.

The Fokka has become feared by enemies of the Greenies, primarily due to the skills of Da Fokkaz squadron. The squadron is easily recognised by their blood red 'planes and their tendency to fire their guns for no other reason than they enjoy the noise.

The pilot figure is by Kromlech EU.

The full rules for aeroplanes and aerial combat are detailed in On Wings of Fire, which is included in the Overkill rules set and is available from for £1

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