Friday, 1 April 2016

Overkill Science Fiction Rules


These are my science fiction rules, although they work just as well for twentieth century battles as well. (See the campaign based on WW2 battles in Russia.) Although the rules can be used for skirmishes, they are better suited to games using multiple infantry units, vehicles, artillery and aircraft. I am a great fan of Captain Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart, the father of modern tank warfare. While his ideas were turned down by the English war office, the Germans used them with devastating effect as their Blitzkrieg. So I don't really think that any set of rules dealing with modern or futuristic warfare should exclude aerial combat.

Overkill covers psychic powers; movement, terrain; close combat; ranged combat; psychology; morale and basic rules for buildings. I've tried to keep this as focussed on the main mechanics of the different sections as possible, as I hate having to go through page after page, trying to find the information I want. But, there are separate PDF's included that cover specific areas of warfare and are add-ons to the main rules:

Klostraffobik – Deals with smaller forces fighting in confined spaces, such as ruins. There are even more detailed rules for tunnel fighting in my Fallen Angels skirmish rules though.

Apocalypse Alley – This is a set of rules for “modern” seige warfare.

Blood And Sand – These rules for beach assaults from landing craft.

Death From Above – These rules are for planetary invasion from the point of view of the actual assault troops.

On Wings Of Fire – A set of rules for aerial combat including dogfights and ground support.

There are tables and sets of cards to create a more realistic sense of the chaos of war:

Orders – Tasks set by High Command that you have to carry out. They give various points that decide who wins the battle.

Events – Random things that may, or may not, happen each turn.

Psychic Powers – Can your psychic really do that? Ouch! That looks messy.

Vehicle Damage – You hit the target and this table tells you what happens.

Weapon Effects – You fire your huge cannon, but is that shell a dud?

Toxic Hazards – What's that weird cloud? Did his face just melt?

There is a separate PDF of ideas for figure specifications, weapons, equipment and skills. There are some thoughts for scenarios and a short campaign based on actual events on the Eastern Front of WW2. Plus you get some blast and flame templates.
Overkill is available from my shop for £1.

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